Q: Will the Connector run without any changes to Dynamics NAV?
A.: Objects need to be installed in Dynamics NAV for the webshop Connector to be able to connect to with a Magento webshop You should expect minor changes to you NAV solution in order for the webshop Connector to work correctly. Only 2 standard objects are changed: codeunit 1 (Application Management) and codeunit 423. For the 2013 version we only need to merge codeunit 1. We have created new tables to store the information in, so we don’t interfere with standard tables of Dynamics NAV. This ensures the possibility for a future upgrade to a new version to Dynamics NAV.

Q.: What version of Dynamics NAV is supported for the webshop Connector?
A.: The connector will work with Dynamics NAV 5.01 Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 and Dynamics NAV 2013

Q.: Do I need to be a developer in order to set up the webshop Connector inside NAV?
A.: No, you need a consultant with knowledge of the tables and fields of Microsoft Dynamics NAV to adjust the delivered mappings to your situation. You can follow our ‘setup, installation and configuration manual’ and the installation wizard to setup the product and configure the default synchronisation processes. However nearly every company has Microsoft Dynamics NAV customizations added to the default installation. If you want to show these custom tables/fields you need to think about how you want to present the information on the webshop. You have to plan this thoroughly, and make your adjustments to the provided default mappings if needed. A consultant with insight in the tables and fields of Microsoft Dynamics Nav and basic knowledge of Magento webshop, will speed up this process.

Q.: Do I have to install anything on the device after the Connector is installed for my applications to work?
A.: No. The application is working when there is Internet connection and the MSXML librarry is installed.

Q.: Which granule do I need in my Dynamics NAV license for automatic processing the messages between the 2 systems?
A.: Granule 3810 ‘Job Queue’ is required for automatic processing in a customers license.

Q.: When we are live with our webshop do I have to sync again and again all existing webshop items?

A.: No. Depending on you settings you can choose to send only the item changes to the webshop.

Q.: We are a Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner and would like to offer the add-on to our customers, is that possible?
A.: Yes! To become a partner of our reseller program you have to fill in the contact form. Provide us your Microsoft VOICE partner no. This accountnumber is necessary, we can add your company in the Microsoft VOICE system for ordering our module.